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away. this morning she's in that garage on her way to work. he's in that garage, too. he has a rifle. he fires some shots, misses her, but hits her car a couple of times. that gun fire sets off a chain of events. >> for us here, we are surprised that would happen. yeah. >> reporter: close by your house? >> yeah. very close. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team deployed. some highway exits shut down. nearby schools placed on code blue, a systematic search begins. that ex-boyfriend, that suspect identified as 32-year-old joshua prince, a hospital worker, armed and dangerous. according to court documents september 1st, the victim broke up with joshua prince. september 3rd the victim goes out with another friend and returns to her apartment. the victim claims prince was watching her and her friend.
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the victim says that night prince banged on her door for 30 minutes. the victim says she opened the door and told prince it's over. later that night the victim says her car and her friend's cara n vandalized. september 4th the victim seeks a protective order against prince saying she is in fear for her safety. then this morning in that parking garage, the shooting incident. >> he believed that she may have started seeing someone else and he resides in this apartment complex as well as she resides in this apartment complex. he waited in the garage this morning for her and fired at her. >> reporter: again, the suspect joshua prince, in custody now after surrendering to authorities in pennsylvania. pat, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you, pat.
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several guns were stolen during a home invasion in montgomery county. in the 5200 block of dorsett value in the kenwood part of bethesda. a man forced his way in after knocking on the back door and stole four guns and ammunition before he escaped. three people including a 101-year-old man were inside at the time. no one was injured. police have made no arrests. employees at the discovery channel headquarters in silver spring returned to work for the first time since last week's hostage standoff. the building has been closed since wednesday when james lee took three people hostage. police shot and killed lee. all the hostages were okay. northern virginia community is mourning the loss of a local couple who owned a business that many considered the heart and soul of that community. >> the owners of nichols
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hardware in purcellville died in a car crash. the couple was returning home to loudoun county. jane watrel has the story. >> reporter: it's a huge loss for a small town as the purcellville community comes to grps with the deaths of karen and ted nichols. who were killed in a horrific car crash. >> amazing people. they have been running the store forever. they have been a staple here. a kindly group of folks and he runs this place and the people around him act the same way. >> reporter: stylist theresa wolf works a few doors down, a store owned by the same family since 1914 where the clerks call you by your first name. generations are paying tribute on the steps of the store. >> it is a big tragedy for their family and all of us. i grew up here. they have been here forever it seems like.
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they have served a lot of people and we hope they continue to serve. >> reporter: the one-car accident happened near front royal on sunday afternoon. karen and ted nichols were passengers in a chevy suburban when the driver lost control. the warren county accident killed the nichols and took the life of a 90-year-old relative who also lived in purcellville. four others were sent to area hospitals. barbara says purcellville residents are learning about the tragic accident. the nichols seemed to know everybody in loudoun county. >> i think everyone is in shocked. some people heard, some people hadn't. it has been the talk of the shop here this morning. everyone is very saddened. >> around town there is worry that the hardware store which is now closed may stay that way. they're hoping it will continue on for future generations. >> our hearts go out to them.
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we pray for them because it is a great loss, a whole family. >> a small town mourning its heart and soul. in purcellville, jane watrel, news 4. >> state police say all the passengers in the car were wearing seat belts and alcohol was not a factor in the accident. funeral arrangements are being made. the man accused in a drunk driving crash that killed a nun will face felony murder charges. the nun was on her way to a church retreat. two other nuns were badly hurt and still hospitalized. m montano faces 40 years in prison. >> the weather has turned pretty nice. there is relief out ahead.
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>> it is warm today. temperatures got up to 93 degrees so far across the area. a great shot out there. plenty of sunshine. the sun is going to stick around for the most part of the next couple of days. clouds will make their way in over the next 24 hours. 93. the humidity down to 25%. so fairly comfortable out there. it is a nice evening. 93 in frederick. martinsburg, 92, culpeper the warm spot at 97. we have seen plenty of sunshine today. there are clouds moving toward the
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i am going to keep fighting every single day, every single hour, everybody single minute to turn this economy around and put people back to work. >> reporter: sounds optimistic, but a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll shows americans are feeling pessimistic. 61% say the country is on the wrong track. 56% say they disapprove of president barack obama's handling of the economy. >> people are focused on the numbers, unemployment, jobs and the president getting on tv or appearing in your town and telling you he has ideas for the future, that doesn't cut it for
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most voters. >> reporter: or at least in time for november's elections. a local economist makes this prediction. >> the u.s. economy will continue to grow slowly. unemployment will stay near 10% or we will slip into a double-dip recession. it is the consequence of bad policies pursued by two presidents in a row, bush and obama. blind faith in the markets doesn't work. blind faith in the government doesn't work. it is time for a third way. >> reporter: could that third way come from republican leadership. 58% believe newly elected republicans would have new ideas from bush administration. >> if i said the sky was blue, they say no. >> reporter: americans are feeling antagonistic, too. 56% of americans say it is time to give new politicians a chance in congress.
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this nbc news "wall street journal" poll wasn't all bad news. 52% believe in obama's handling of the war in iraq. if asked if they had a chance to kick everybody out of congress and start over, 48% said they would. the anacostia river is getting a major facelift. eleanor holmes norton unveiled a new river front park. crews will transform the old navy yards into a major mixed use development called the yards. norton says the project will provide infrastructure to d.c. tom sherwood will have more on news 4 at 6:00. still ahead, it is a lesson in growth. loudoun county has twice as many students as it had a decade ago. >> how are administrators going to keep up in the classroom?
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also coming up, two more armed robberies rock the university of maryland's campus. why the victims say these suspects are getting more aggressive. tempers flare in the final days of the campaign and what is being done to keep the peace at the polling centers in the district. redskins owner dan snyder and cowboys owner jerry jones sit down to have lunch with lindsay.
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments,
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more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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a fast forward through the headlines, the manhunt for josh prince is in custody in pennsylvania. he fired gunshots at his ex-girlfriend at the avalon apartments in bethesda using a high-powered rifle. back to work at the discovery channel headquarters. the building reopened for the
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first time since wednesday when james lee took three people hostage. he was shot and killed after hours of negotiations and the hostages released unharmed. a northern virginia community is mourning karen and ted nichols who owned the hardware store in purcellville. they died in a car crash yesterday. many called their family owned business the heart and soul of that community. the crash took the life of a 90-year-old relative. doug camere are is here. another great day. >> a fantastic labor day weekend. first day of school for the kids. it is going to continue to be nice. the only chance of rain coming in tomorrow morning. look at the sunshine. not much in the way of clouds at all. a great day to get out and
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about, do whatever you want to do outdoors. outside we are on the warm side of things. temperature 93, heat index 91. feels lower than the temperature with the humidity 25%. winds out of the south southwest at 17 miles an hour. those winds continue to kick up through the next day. 94 in winchester, manassas 91, salisbury, maryland, coming in at 86. what are we going to be seeing? nothing but sunshine. we will start to see changes. those changes come as a result of a frontal boundary. that front to the west toward the ohio river valley. right around 7:00, 8:00, maybe a quick shower in some locations. just enough to get the windshield wipers going a bit. that frontal boundary moves through quickly.
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so what can we expect through this evening? some high clouds. 79 to 85 through around the 7:00 to 9:00 hour. tomorrow morning, maybe a passing shower. most of us should remain on the dry side. 65 to 72 as you wake up and step out the door. as we make our way through the rest of the day, sun and clouds, warm. a bit breezy. 84 to 89. 78 on thursday and on friday. looking at a fantastic friday. a great saturday and then as we move into the next couple of days, sunday, monday and tuesday in the extended, the best chance of rain we have in the next week coming up on sunday as another frontal boundary begins to move through. >> we are on a roll. >> we are on a roll. we need to see some rain on sunday. >> students in northern virginia returned to school this morning in fairfax county 175,000
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students are studying at nearly 200 schools. that makes it the largest school district in the state. enrollment is up more than 3,000, but budget cuts mean students have to pay activity fees $75 for ap tests and $100 for each sport. it is a similar story in loudoun county. julie carey has more on growth in that school district. >> in loudoun county a new school year almost always mean another new school. this year three schools opened their doors. >> are you lost? >> reporter: it is a common enough question in a big high school especially from freshmen, every student at this high school is in unfamiliar territory. two new high schools in the loudoun county school district. an elementary was also added. >> we opened two new high
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schools in one year. >> reporter: the superintendent has presided over a vast expansion. enrollment has doubled from 32,000 students in 2000 to 63,000 this year. >> it relieved the overcrowding in the high schools that the students came from. it did away with traffic congestion that had been a real problem. >> reporter: for teenagers, the upheaval of leaving their old high school behind can be troubling. >> it was bittersweet. it was sad to leave friends and great teachers, but at the same time i was excited to join the new community. >> reporter: they are just getting excited thanks to a student led dream team, part of their identity is open. >> we had a student led dream team assembled. >> so there are already school colors, blue and black, a
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mascot, the husky. a store full of husky t-shirts and sweatshirts. >> we just got new gear in. i love it. >> reporter: a mission statement, rise, an acronym to set the bar high. >> when you think of tuscarora high school excellence is what i want us to be known for. >> every time you see an "l" that means lower level. >> thank you. i've never been here before. >> it okay. >> thank you. >> you're welcome, sweetie. have a good day. >> another new school opened in purcellville and helped the congestion out there. more debate over a popular diabetes drug. who is now saying that avandia should never have been licensed and needs to be pulled off the market. the sun can do a number on your skin, but the products that
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can help repair your skin don't have to do a number on your wallet. i'm liz crenshaw, back to school means packing the school lunches. way to keep your child's food ♪ [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all.
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while it is still hot outsite. the u.s. department of agriculture says insulated soft sided lunch bags work backswing, ewing a gel pack or frozen juice box. food should not be left out at room temperature for more than two hours or one hour if temperature is above 90 degrees. i love the idea of freezing that little juice box, dropping it in the lunch bag and keeps the whole thing cold until lunchtime. >> then you can drink it. >> perfect. >> easy. >> thanks, liz. see you later. university of maryland students are on alert after a string of armed robberies on campus. you will hear from a victim. he is warning others to be on the lookout. it is down to the wire in a race for the district. but the candidates aren't the
5:26 pm
ones getting nasty. it's the vote who are are. why police are being called in. a new study may explain why
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fast forward through the headlines. hundreds of thousands of students in northern virginia returned to school for the first day of classes. in loudoun county three new schools opened, including two
5:29 pm
new high schools. enrollment in loudoun has nearly doubled in the last ten years. a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll reflects the feelings of americans. 56% say they disapprove of president obama's handling of f the economy. 52% say they approve of the president's handling of the war in iraq. city leaders gathered at the anacostia waterfront to unveil a new river front park. crews will transform the old navy yard into a major mixed use development called the yard providing much needed infrastructure to southeast washington. now let's fast forward to the weather. doug? >> we continue to see some great weather. might as well slow it on down. 93 degrees out there. plenty of sunshine. hot temperatures through the evening hours. as the sun goes down, it will cool down.
5:30 pm
dew point only 52. the cool spot if you can call it the cool annapolis at 85 degrees. what about tomorrow? a quick shower early tomorrow morning. that will move through. a mixture of sun and clouds. the four day and the extended forecast coming up in just a few minutes. students after the university of maryland are on alert after a series of armed robberies near campus. >> nine people have been robbed since the school year started. chris gordon is live in college park to tell us about this. chris? >> reporter: we are reporting from the campus police headquarters. the violence appears to be growing in these off-campus attacks. the most recent robberies occurred just last night and the suspect used a handgun to threaten the victims' lives.
5:31 pm
the university of maryland community is concerned about the string of robberies that has occurred off campus. the two most recent attacks happened monday night in neighborhoods where there is a lot of off campus housing. it happened 10:25 last night. two people were walking on this hiker/biker path. when they got to osage street two suspects came up behind them, demanded their money. one suspect had a handgun and put it at one of the victim's head. they took all the property out of their pockets and began running toward lakeland road. do you use in path at night? >> i have in the past. my roommates do, too. >> reporter: in the future? >> in the future ill will probably be more hesitant. >> reporter: the second robbery took place in the 5100 block of navahoe street. a young chinese faculty member and his wife were walking home
5:32 pm
from the shuttle bus stop when two robbers stole his iphone, her purse and all their cash. >> the one man put a gun on my head. and asked, give me your money. or i will shoot you, something like that. >> reporter: this follows a series of robberies that began with the new school year, it started august 21st, when three editors of the diamondback, the school newspaper were robbed. the editor says nothing says welcome back to college park quite like a good evening in your face. her purse and everything in it was taken. three students were robbed waiting at a shuttle bus stop by a group of five men. this past weekend a student walking at princeton avenue about 2:00 saturday morning was attacked, beaten and robbed of his wallet by four suspects. campus police are offering to
5:33 pm
escort anyone who is afraid. what can you tell the students to give them peace of mind. >> i can assure them we are working with the commanders of prince george's county police at coming up with a solution and a better way of prevents these incidents from occurring. >> reporter: prince george's county detectives are leading this investigation. in college park, maryland, chris gordon, back to you. >> thank you, chris. about an hour from now residents in loudoun county, virginia, will voice their opinions about whether religious holiday displays should be allowed on government property. the public hearing on the issue starts at 6:30 at the county government center in leesburg. the board will vote tomorrow. with a week left before primary election day, the two major candidates for mayor on the district are agreeing on one
5:34 pm
thing. mayor adrian fenty and gray want their supporters to stop the rude behavior around the polling sites. gray called for more police to be onhand. tom sherwood has more on this story. >> reporter: pat this is hard-fought campaign but the campaigns don't want their supporters really fighting. on saturday a sidewalk rally ran into gray supporters who were spitting. >> you were spitting on me? >> you spit on her? >> yes, he did. >> reporter: supporters on both sides. tuesday the candidates tried to reel them in. >> talking about everybody. i have said to my own people, listen, we want you to do what you came there for, promote our campaign not interact negatively. >> i agree. any time people in elections
5:35 pm
interrupt campaigning of other candidates i think it absolutely makes the candidate look bad. >> reporter: fenty and gray were polite and cordial in the major announcement opening the new $40 million waterfront park. >> delighted to be here with our mayor. i want to thank him for his kind words earlier when he spoke. >> four more years. >> reporter: out on the campaign trail the clash of campaign workers has gray suggesting he wants more police officers at polling sites. >> in the early going and late evening hours when we have a rush of voters. >> reporter: d.c. police told news 4 they are already talking about the board of elections about the usual policy of staffing of police on election day. in northeast washington yesterday some 50 gray supporters nearly got into fist
5:36 pm
fights. president obama will call on congress to provide more tax breaks for businesses. under the plan, companies would be able to write off 100% of their investments in new plants and equipment through the end of next year. the white house says the tax breaks would save businesses $200 billion over two years. there is hope with more cash on hand, businesses would be willing to buy more, giving the economy a much-needed boost. there is some news for your health today. new research finds more americans are using hospital ers to avoid long waits to see their own doctors. that is driving up medical costs as much as $4 billion a year. a study found overall 27% of all er visits could be treated elsewhere. only 17% could be managed during the hours that other clinics are typically open. an investigation of a popular diabetes drug leads to
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calls to be pulled off the market. the british medical journal is calling on glaxo smith kline to stop selling avandia saying the risks of heart trouble outweigh the benefits. the drug maker denys the claims. the u.s. fda is reviewing whether or not the drug should stay on the market. it is the latest family feud. we are not talking about kids or money, why more couples are clashing over food. high drama in san francisco. why a man decided to scale a skyscraper with suction cups. diabetes testing? it's all the same. nothing changes. [ man ] then try this. new and improved freestyle lite® blood glucose test strip. sure, but it's not gonna -- [ beep ] wow. [ man ] yeah, that's the patented freestyle zipwik™ design. [ woman ] did it just -- target the blood? target the blood? yeah, it drew it right in. the test starts fast.
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money and children are often reasons couples fight.
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now you can add food to that list. a man builds a home from recycled materials including hundreds of bones. and a climber scales a san francisco skyscraper without a rope. food can be as much of a deal breaker. experts say many people have deep emotional ties to the food they eat and disagreements of what and how to eat it can become hot-button issues. a guy in texas loves to build homes from discarded items. that includes bones. this house has bone stairs, bone handles and bone counter tops. there is a chair made of bone and bone sculptures. this is one of 14 houses he has made out of this kind of resook ld material. a spider-man wannabe used
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suction cups and ropes to climb a 58-story building. he was too high for firefighters to reach when they got to the scene. police met him at the top to arrest him the firefighters did help the man put an american flag at the top of the building, as you can see right there. up next, we are talking to two of the most powerful figures in the sports world. >> are was supposed to start or end with all the bs? >> why don't we sprinkle it in between. >> coming up in sports, it is dallas week and lindsay sits down for lunch with dan snyder and jerry jones before the biggest rivalry in all of football which takes place this sunday at fedex feeling. and dentists are going gaga for a pop superstar. fans get fired up for tonight's
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let's fast forward there the headlines. a series of robberies near the university of maryland campus has students on alert.
5:46 pm
campus police offer escorts to those who want them. during a speech in cleveland, president obama is expected to call on congress to pass a measure to provide more tax breaks to businesses. under this plan companies could write off 100% of their investment in new plants and equipment to the end of next year to jump start the economy. >> two men duelling it out for mayor of d.c. are calling an end to the hostility. some fenty/gray supporters nearly got in fist fights. the hottest summer so far in washington history continues to bring in the heat. temperatures around 94. that was the high temperature after a low of 69. average high temperature of 82. 12 degrees above average. it was another hot one. we had low humidity. here is the good news.
5:47 pm
temperatures will be falling. tomorrow 87. a stray shower in the morning. 78 on thursday. 78 on friday. saturday looking good as well. on sunday a good chance of shower activity, not a lot of rain, but our best chance of rain, probably the best chance for quite some time. >> well, you know, the skins and cowboys have been a huge rivalry for decades, but actually they are quite friendly with each other at the top. >> dan snyder and jerry jones sit down for lunch with lindsay. >> since he bought the redskins in 1999, dan snyder has kept himself out of the public eye. since cowboys owner jerry jones bought his team a decade before, he has been quite the opposite, very visible. there may be no greater rivalry than that of the redskins and cowboys. when i sat down with them at cowboy stadium i learned how
5:48 pm
much of a mentor jones had been to snyder and jones sees snyder as a crucial part of the future of the nfl. so i know you guys aren't able to do this and really get together all the time. what is the relationship really like? is it good friends? is it rivals? is it redskins/cowboys all the time? >> it is great off season. >> are we supposed to start or end with all the bs? >> why don't we sprinkle it in between. >> first of all, i respect he is one of the smartest -- >> is that the bs. >> wi were starting and ending with bs. dan is one of the smartest people around and one of the smartest people in the nfl. >> what have been the most harrowing moments been when the riz and cowboys play each other? >> first of all, it is
5:49 pm
tradition, legacy, ift is history. the whole concept of i don't know want to call it the most important game of the regular season, but it probably has extra meaning above and gloind other rivalry in the nfl. >> i know firsthand how much dan put into it. i know how much he put into it when he bought it. he paid the most for anything in sports when he bought it. having said that, i'm amazed that his team has not been and won a super bowl because of the energies put into it, financial contribution he has made to it and it is surprising to me. he hasn't been in this thing 50 years. he's really not been in it half as long as i have been in the nfl. everything is so new to him and he'll try things. he is not afraid to fail.
5:50 pm
all of those things really in my mind are kind of what you are looking for. >> something happened a few years back when sean taylor got murdered. jerry not only reached out and everything but actually had an artist friend of yours do a piece of me and sean that is in my house, actually. he is a genuine friend. real friend. >> have you thought about what it might feel like if you won the super bowl and played in this building you built with the redskins representing the nfc? >> that is a good question. by the way, the odds are that it will be another team, not the cowboys, that will be playing in this super bowl. and, yes, and frankly because of the guy that is standing right here beside me, yes, i can live with that. yes, i can support that. >> he is doing that because he
5:51 pm
said we were ending with bs. what is your take? how satisfying would that be for you? if you could get here at the very end of the season. >> it would be nice. >> you can do better. >> i know. come on. >> just trying to be humble. >> move me to the other side, will you. >> there you have it. a very unique relationship. dan snyder and jerry jones. jerry jones has three super bowls. dan snyder looking for his. this is a chance for dan snyder to begin a new legacy. we will talk about that coming up at 6:00. he had to do that by pulling himself back a little bit. >> it is interesting they vacation together. >> their families get together roughly three times a year. they are very close. it is very impressive. >> it sounds like jerry jones mentors dan snyder?
5:52 pm
>> yeah. he gave dan advice when he was starting the team. they are very intertwined. they are very competitive, though, don't let it fool you. a group of maryland dentists are going gaga. this is how dr. susan peterson treated her patients. they worked on patients in honor of lady gaga's monster ball tour. doreen gentzler joins us with a look at what is coming up at news 4 at 6:00. >> at 6:00, new developments in a drunk driving case of an illegal immigrant accused of killing a nun in northern virginia. a mystery in the mountains of virginia. jelly fish found in a fresh water pond. that will make you say what?
5:53 pm
those stories coming up on news 4 at 6:00. see you then. >> thanks, doreen. sun worshippers, beware. how you can reverse the effects of sun damage to your skin without breaking the bank.
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses
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are back to normal... until we make this right.
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it was the first day back to school for students at cameron elementary. the kids got backpacks filled with school supplies. thanks to all who donated to nbc 4's backpack for kids campaign. this is the fifth year. nbc 4 and cvs teamed up to deliver the backpacks. they were delighted. >> they are so cute. >> they were so excited. the sun can do a number on your face year round. >> the products that can help repair your skin and make it look younger don't have to do a number on your wallet. rene s
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>> this uv picture reveals the picture, sun spots that will darken if exposed to the sun. >> we see this brown pigment at the end of the summer. >> reporter: the sun triggers -- >> patches on the forehead, on the lip. we often see it on women after they have a baby, people undergoing hormonal changes but men get it, too. >> reporter: this dermatologist says lightning brown spots doesn't have to lighten your wallet. >> stuff you can buy at cvs. >> reporter: no kidding? >> absolutely. >> reporter: check for alpha hydroxy or retinol a. >> there are other natural lightning agents, like licorice
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root. >> reporter: dr. bernstein says expect to see results from drugstore brands in three to four weeks. for faster results prescription medications like retin a and tri-luma cream will help spots to fade. the laser targets the pigment. but lazers can cost u to $300 to $650 per treatment. no matter what you do to fix your face, the doctor says spots will return if you don't use sunscreen. that's it for news 4 at 5:00. news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. the manhunt is over.
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>> a family owned business is closed tonight after the owner and his wife are killed. confidence in the american economy is fading fast. >> we begin with a threat to burn the koran that could threaten the lives of american troops overseas. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. on the ninth anniversary of the september 11th attack, a florida church claims it will burn the muslim holy book. chris clakam has the story. >> reporter: pastor terry john's plan to burn the koran has been on the internet for weeks. he is not backing off even though the top u.s. general in afghanistan david petraeus said tuesday the koran burning could harm u.s. troops. >> we understand and we

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